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Useful information



Support and assistance on arrival and during the period of stay

The students will be picked up by ITS International Office (IO) team. We provide an accomodation service which allows the students to choose between staying in our university dormitory or in private boarding house (apartment, house). There will be a buddy (from our hospitality section) assisting the international students in the beginning of stay.


Halls of residence on offer

ITS provides dormitories for International Students. But this is optional. They can also choose to live in private apartment or boarding house and ITS IO will help to assist.


Language courses on offer

Some departments offer courses that are delivered in english and some are mixed (english and Indonesian). However, for courses in Indonesia, the students may ask the Professor to have an oral exam for the final test. The International Office ITS will provide free Bahasa speaking class for foreign students.


Information on the cost of living, climate and cultural events

"Surabaya in Diversity Culture
Surabaya is provincial capital of East Java and Indonesia’s second largest city. As the second largest city, Surabaya is richly layered with cultures, ethnics, languages, and religions. The major religion is Moslem and the other religions are Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddha, and Konghuchu. The first major language in Surabaya is Indonesian and the second is Javanese (traditional language of Java ethnic). Javanese is commonly used by local people for daily languages because more than 80% people in Surabaya are Javanese. The rest of them are Madura, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and other ethnics from other provinces.

Cost of Living in Surabaya
The cost of living in Surabaya is very affordable. The average cost living in Surabaya is 33% lower compared to Jakarta and 73% lower compared to Singapore. The average cost for meal is $1.5 per portion and the average cost for settlement is $50 per month. Local people are using Angkot, Bus and Train as local public transportation. Angkot is a cheap local transportation in Indonesia and it’s only use for short local route. Passenger need only pay about $ 0.4 or Rp. 4,000 for one way. There is no different for local or foreign people. There are only limited bus route for local transportation in Surabaya. But it is very comfortable transportation between cities. The cost depends on the distance but for local route is only $0.5 for one way. Try to use bus to make a trip in East Java. You can also use train to make a trip between cities or even around Java. You can buy meals during your trip and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Java Island. Taxi is also a very common transportation. You can call them and within 5 minutes a unit of taxi will come to you. The phone number can be accessed through internet.

Internet service in Surabaya is very cheap even though the bandwidth is not superfast. The cost depends on the provider but the rate is only $5 per month for unlimited service.

Climate in Surabaya
The constant high temperature in Surabaya, regularly more than 30C/86F, is the result of its geographical location which is close to the equator. As other tropical country, sunshine is abundant except in rainy season when the sky tends to be cloudy.


Monitoring Activities

ITS International Office provides sharing sessions for International Students to solve their problem related to academic, settlement, and immigration.


Integration events organized by the University

Welcome party and orientation, Campus Tour, City Tour, and Holiday trips.