Aristoteleio Panepistimio Thessalonikis

Useful information



Support and assistance on arrival and during the period of stay

The European Programs Department provides its support to all the incoming students of the University. We give to all the grantees the necessary documents for their registration in the different departments, for the entrance to the university restaurant, the document needed for the opening a bank account in Greece and the document for the immigration office. We also give them all the necessary details for these procedures and we help them in the accomodation search, given that our University doesnt have the facility of accomodation for the foreign students. Moreover, we offer some free courses to the foreign for the greek language, and we suggest their contact with the ESN, a students association that helps them in their socialization. During the period of stay, our office is always open to them, and in case they face any problem, academic or in their ordinary life, we try to find a solution.


Halls of residence on offer

Our university doesn’t have the facility of accomodation to the foreign students. However, we have created a database in our website, mentioning the different apartments and hostels that are available to the foreign students.


Language courses on offer

A 2week free program for all the foreign students, in the beginning of every semester, is offered from our University.


Information on the cost of living, climate and cultural events

The cost of living in Thessaloniki is quite affordable. Approximately, for a rent the cost is 300€ all included. The cost for the urban transportation is also quite affordable, given that for a monthly card for the buses the cost is approximately 20€. Finally, our University has a restaurant that offers 2 free meals per day. But if the students would like to have a meal in a tavern, the average cost is approximately 15€, the drinks included. The climate in Greece is quite soft, for example on spring and autumn the temperature is more or less 10-15 degrees, while during winter the weather is more cold (approximately 0-5 degrees or more). During summer, the weather is quite hot, with an average temperature 32 degrees. Finally, in Thessaloniki many cultural events take place during the whole year. Thessaloniki is the 2nd biggest city of Greece, and hosts a film festival during autumn, there are different theatres, a concert hall and large cinema halls. Concerts happen during all the year, fir any kind of music. Museums can be found all over the city, and near Thessaloniki.


Support to disabled people

The University supports disabled people, with the help of the different departments. If there is a special need, professors try to help the students in following the courses. There is also a bus of the University for the necessary transportation of the disabled students. Finally, generally in the city, there are some taxi only for the disabled people and the majority of the social places have created the bases for their hosting.


Monitoring Activities

The department of the European Programmes monitors all the programme, from the arrival of the grantees, until their departure. We get in contact with all the grantees quite often, for different matters, like the learning agreements, their transcripts, the scholarships. The grantees also can visit our department at any time, and if they face any problem we get always in contact with them


Integration events organized by the University

Our department organises a welcome event in the beginning of every semester so as to know each other, and also we organise a Christams event. Finally, the ESN association that works in our University, created from students that have the will to help the incoming grantees to their socialisation, organises different events and trips, during all the year.